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    Steel Strapping - AK 100
The AK 100 is a strapping head designed to be used in combination with various steel strapping sizes ranging from 13 to 19 mm.

The head is used in fully automatic strapping installations and is suitable for a variety of applications in the steel, brick, block, lumber and general packaging industry.
Machine features
  • Machined one piece aluminium casting. Robust design.
  • Fully electrical head
  • One power source (0,55 kW)
  • Off-centre construction for easy access to all replacement and service parts
  • Unique strap feeding system which reduces the number of strap jams considerably
  • Large feed wheel for better tension transmission
  • Adjustable strap tension (6500 N max.)
  • Adjustable punch depth
  • Controllable strap overlap
  • A minimum number of replacement and wearing parts
  • Low noise level of 65 dBa
  • Strap feed-and take-up speed of 1,25 m/s
  • Easy to maintain
  • Min.packface: 125 mm. (AK-100)
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